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FreeInde is providing you the best-handpicked courses from all the top Online Course Providers Platofrm all over the world, doesn’t means where are you from, the list of Free courses on our Website is totally from worldwide and anyone can follow that list of course.


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Hii, Myself Chandrashekar founder of this blog or say website sounds good, I’m from India and a Computer Science Engineer and love programming. I had enrolled in many online courses to study languages but hardly I got free and the best courses because I can’t afford the Courses.
This Blog provides you the best lists of free as well as Paid Courses from the best online Course provider platforms like for example, Coursera, edX, Udemy, etc.
Also In this Blog, You’ll see “How to” and “Top 10” section which shows you the best tutorials about tips about programming and also best editors and stuffs best for Programming.
I had started this blog I found that It is necessary to study apart from our Domain subject because Programming is really necessary for students, So, that without wasting time on finding the best course on the Google search bar.
I’m also having a small team so now “we”, during the selection of the website we first Enroll the course and watch the lectures individually and list on the freeinde blog. These Handpicked lists are based on some parameters like Ratings and reviews from the majority of learners. Also, we take some help from top online Course providers like Udemy, Coursera, etc.
Why named freeinde? inde means courses in Chichewa language which is a African language. So, freeinde means Free Courses funny!
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