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free python course from Google
Hii, looking for the best free Course by Google? Here is the list of Top Free Online Course by Google on Coursera. Online Python Course by Google.

Here you will see the best course provided by the Coursera platform made by Google. The Instructors are the top-rated instructor by Google.

Best Online Python Course by Google on Coursera


Crash Course on Python



4.8  |   2800 ratings

About this Course
This course is designed to teach you the foundations in order to write simple programs in Python using the most common structures. No previous exposure to programming is needed. By the end of this course, you’ll understand the benefits of programming in IT roles; be able to write simple programs using Python; Top free Online Course by Google on Coursera | Online Python Course by Google figure out how the building blocks of programming fit together and combine all of this knowledge to solve a complex programming problem.

Source  –  Coursera


  •  Understand what Python is and why Python is relevant to automation
  •  Write short Python scripts to perform automated actions
  •  Understand how to use the basic Python structures: strings, lists, and dictionaries
  •  Create your own Python objects
  • Basic Python Data Structures
  • Fundamental Programming Concepts
  • Basic Python Syntax
  • Python Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  •  Hello Python
  •  Basic Python Syntax
  •  Loops
  •  Strings, Lists, and Dictionaries
  •  Object-Oriented Programming (Optional)
  •  Final Project


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Data Engineering with Google Cloud

Professional Certificate


4.8  |   2800 ratings

About this Course
This program provides the skills you need to advance your career in data engineering and recommends training to support your preparation for the industry-recognized Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and labs, you will enable data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and publishing data; and you’ll gain real world experience through a number of hands-on Qwiklabs projects.

You’ll also have the opportunity to practice key job skills, including designing, building, and running data processing systems; and operationalizing machine-learning models.

Source  –  Coursera


  •  Learn the skills needed to be successful in a data engineer role
  •  Prepare for the Professional Data Engineer certification
  •  Learn about the infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform
  •  Processing big data at scale for analytics and machine learning
  • Tensorflow
  • Bigquery
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Computing
  •  Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals
  •  Modernizing Data Lakes and Data Warehouses with GCP
  •  Building Batch Data Pipelines on GCP
  •  Building Resilient Streaming Analytics Systems on GCP
  •  Smart Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI on GCP
  •  Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam


So, these are the best courses on Coursera by Google which you can enroll now to get Professional Certificate for your career.

An online course by Google is always the best course you can enroll without hesitating if you want to make your career in Python and data engineering.

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