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Here is the list of best Photoshop basic and small tutorial from Udemy taught by professionls with lifetime access to tutorial.

Hand-picked Photoshop tutorials from Udemy

Some Important Features

  • All Lessons include step by step in video instructions
  • No Prior Photoshop skills or knowledge needed
  • Full & free lifetime access to the complete course
  • From Udemy Platform. is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students. Udemy, a portmanteau of you + academy, has more than 30 million students and 50,000 instructors teaching courses in over 60 languages. There have been over 245 million course enrollments. Wikipedia

Top 5 Photoshop Tutorials from Udemy

free photoshop courses from udemy

Enhancing Photos with Photoshop
Use Photoshop to fix colors, straighten horizons, combine multiple exposures, contrast and brightness.
  • Use Photoshop to correct color cast problems, improve composition, straighten the horizon on crooked images, combine multiple images into one correct exposure, use multiple layers in an image and sharpen fuzzy pictures.
  • This class is designed for the first-time user of Photoshop. I’ll show you the important menus and options without skipping important steps.
  • Each lesson resource includes the photos used in the videos plus several more similar images that need corrections which you can use to reinforce what you have just learned.
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    best photoshop courses free online

    Adobe Photoshop Portrait Retouching – Skater Guy
    This Adobe Photoshop Portrait Retouching Course will teach a Beginner Photoshop user how to Master Portrait Retouching
  • How to create epic sport portraits “Guaranteed”
  • How to photograph sport portraits with flash light
  • How to setup up a flash light, for sport portrait images
  • How to work with camera raw and raw conversions
  • How use the dodge and burn method for enhancing an image even more
  • How to create amazing color grades and warm filter effects in photoshop
  • How to create color effects with gradient techniques
  • How to place and image better in order to achieve a better composition
  • How to work with photoshop cleanup tools and masks
  • How to enhance the image more with simple dodge & burn techniques
  • How to get more wow out of your images with advanced adjustment layer techniques
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    best photoshop courses free online

    Image editing and design with Photoshop
    Learn how to retouch photos, create travel postcard and cinemagraph using photoshop
  • Understanding Photoshop installation
  • Understanding how Photoshop has evolved from CD-ROM based product to SaaS product
  • Understand tools like lasso, healing brush, selections and layers
  • Learn use cases like building travel postcards, cinema graph and photo retouching with Photoshop
  • Deep learning networks
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    best photoshop courses free online

    Learn How to Design Top 10 Templates for UI/UX Development
    Learn Step by Step How to Design Top 10 Templates for UI/UX Development in Photoshop for Beginner to Expert

    This tutorial contains

  • Introduction to Header
  • How to create a new PSD File
  • How to apply Gradient Overlay to Background
  • How to create Primary Header
  • How to add text to Primary Header
  • How to Group the layers
  • How to Create Skew Navbar
  • How to Create Double Edge Skew Navbar
  • How to Create Logo in Header
  • How to add image to Slider
  • How to add text to slider
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    best photoshop courses free online

    Photoshop Fundamentals
    The power of the digital art standard at your finger tips.
  • Go through all of the software’s core functions and tools in a series of easy-to-follow lessons that will have you up and running in no time.
  • These lessons are the building blocks that you will carry forward to the incredibly cool digital painting courses that we offer. Best of all, this course is absolutely FREE! So enroll today and let’s get you on board with Photoshop!
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