Top 20 Free Udemy Courses to Enroll Now

Free Development Courses from Udemy

Free Development Courses which is highly rated and most enrolled courses. This courses are officially free provided from Udemy Professionals.

Udemy is the world’s largest online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults and students. Udemy has more than 30 million students and 50,000 instructors teaching courses in over 60 languages. There have been over 245 million course enrollments. Students and instructors come from 190+ countries. Udemy also has over 4,000 enterprise customers and 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Udemy for employee upskilling (Udemy for Business). Students take courses largely as a means of improving job-related skills. Some courses generate credit toward technical certification. Udemy has made a special effort to attract corporate trainers seeking to create coursework for employees of their company.
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free courses from udemy

The Data Science Course 2019


The course provides the entire toolbox you need to become a data scientist. Data scientist is one of the best suited professions to thrive this century. It is digital, programming-oriented, and analytical. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the demand for data scientists has been surging in the job marketplace.

27 hours on-demand video

Machine Learning A-Z


This course has been designed by two professional Data Scientists so that we can share our knowledge and help you learn complex theory, algorithms and coding libraries in a simple way.We will walk you step-by-step into the World of Machine Learning.

5 hours on-demand video

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The Web Developer Bootcamp


Make REAL web applications using cutting-edge technologies. Continue to learn and grow as a developer, long after the course ends Create a blog application from scratch using Express, MongoDB, and Semantic UI. Create a complicated yelp-like application from scratch. Write your own browser-based game. Create static HTML and CSS portfolio sites and landing pages. Think like a developer. Become an expert at Googling code questions!

46.5 hours on-demand video

The Complete Javascript Course 2019


This is a truly complete JavaScript course, that goes beyond what other JavaScript courses out there teach you. I will take you from a complete JavaScript beginner to an advanced developer. You will not just learn the JavaScript language itself, you will also learn how to program. How to solve problems. How to structure and organize code using common JavaScript patterns.

28 hour on-demand video

Learn Android Application Development


Beginner Android students that want to learn how to program for the Android Mobile platform

13 hours on-demand video

Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners


Learn to program in the Java programming language. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge, just a desire to learn to program.

Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Introduction to Databases and SQL Querying


Query a database, Create Tables and Databases and be proficient with basic SQL querying

2.5 hours on-demand video

Introduction to Data Science using Python (Module 1/3)


Understand the basics of Data Science and Analytics. Understand how to use Python and Scikit learn. Get a good understanding of all buzz words like “Data Science”, “Machine learning”, “Data Scientist” etc.

3 hour on-demand video

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Python for Data Science and Machine Learning


This comprehensive course will be your guide to learning how to use the power of Python to analyze data, create beautiful visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms!

22.5 hours on-demand video

The Complete Node.js Developer Course


This course was just completely refilmed to give you everything you need to master Node.js in 2019! This includes new content, updated versions, new features, and more.

34.5 hours on-demand video

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